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Word Of The Year

Hello, 2024! Happy New Year! 

Each year, I decide on one word to center my goals, efforts and experiences. This process enables me to remain true to myself and consistently focused on specific objectives and targets. I have even chosen two words in a year - one for business and one personal.

My 2024 Word of the Year is…CHERISH! 

It is my goal to be more intentional about valuing the people, memories, aspirations, and assets I hold dear. 

I usually stretch myself far and wide, but I am 'weeding my garden' in 2024. Any decisions I make and time I take will be based on who and what are most important to me, including myself. 

In 2023, I learned who and what I enJOY. I'm excited about CHERISHing those treasures in 2024.

What's your 2024 Word? Please share it in the comments.

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