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Dr. Bisa Batten Lewis International Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Educator Development Coach


Dr. Bisa Batten Lewis


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Educators continue to face rapidly changing and challenging work environments, and are often not given the budgets to achieve learning objectives. And The National Center for Education Statistics says 55 percent of educators are unsatisfied with their salaries. Bottomline, they aren’t paid for their true value. 


Bisa Batten Lewis, Ed.D., is leading a movement to change that. She has been called an “educational powerhouse.” With almost three decades working in the education space, Dr. Bisa is helping educators rethink how to bring value to the marketplace. She often conducts workshops showing them how to use the expertise and skills they already have in their wheelhouse. 


She knows insider challenges first hand as an elementary to high school to university level educator - and even as a Dean. She has been lauded with many awards including “Teacher of the Year” Finalist and “50 Under 50” Honoree. 


Because of her ability to pivot, progress, and innovate, Dr. Bisa is now a bestselling author of The P-A-I-D Educator: 10 Professional Ways to Supplement Your Teaching Salary. She trains, mentors and coaches educators about how to increase their professional earnings using her P-A-I-D Method. She is the go-to expert for those educators who love teaching but want to use their skills to make more money. 


Dr. Bisa has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Her expertise in business includes nonprofit leadership, grant writing, product creation - including curriculum, books and music CDs. She is a multi-talented “infopreneur'' with a heart to educate others in the areas she has mastered over the years. 


She is the Founder and Managing Partner of WINGS Curriculum, LLC and B Tamu Enterprises in the Greater Atlanta area.  A popular speaker at conferences, organizations and school districts, Dr. Bisa has been featured in Business News Daily, Education Ledger, Essence Magazine,, Exchange Magazine, Fayette Woman, Speakers Magazine,, and The Network Journal. She’s been heard on many podcasts, radio interviews including V-103 in Atlanta and many other media outlets. 


Dr. Bisa earned a Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Albany State University and a Doctor of Education Degree, Adult Education, Concentration - College Leadership from University of Georgia. She is also the author of many books, teacher resources, training guides and curriculum. A big believer in personal and professional development, Dr. Bisa is often looked upon as the “educator’s motivational speaker and teacher.”

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