Supporting human rights to earn a quality education and an honest living.

Mission: The mission of the Dr. Bisa Foundation is to support current and prospective educators to engage in quality professional development and small-business aspirants to develop profit-level brands. 

Goals: Established in 2013, Dr. Bisa Foundation - a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization, seeks to: 


  • Enable ambitious individuals to earn quality education—at all levels.

  • Support education programs and schools in upgrading quality and outcomes.

  • Serve as a conduit for youth and adults with the spirit of entrepreneurship to build successful brands.

  • Facilitate progressive connections between families, education, politics, business and community.

Board of Directors

Dr. Bisa Lewis, Founder & President & CEO

Glecia Carter, Vice President
Tamika Morrison, Secretary
Carol Daniel, Treasurer


In addition to educational scholarships and small businesses, we support...

Ways to Support


Early Childhood Education (ECE) Career Scholarship Fund

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